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[audio]Climate Change Has Arrived - Alex Smith
A report from the World Meteorological Organization tallies the big weather hits in 2013.  Is it rampant climate change? Norway decides how to spend almost a trillion petrodollars, and Indian solar loses out. Plus direct from Yokohama Japan, the IPCC press conference promising we can somehow "manage" climate change, a food crisis, and maybe the sixth great mass extinction.  Science and hopium on Radio Ecoshock 140409 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; alternative energy; energy; solar; weather; storms; extreme; India; Norway; U.S; IPCC; reports
Downloads: 6
[audio]Rapid Collapse - Alex Smith
Would you believe everything from food to power to gasoline could disappear in just a matter of weeks? From Ireland, David Korowicz explains how.  Radio Ecoshock 140402 1 hour
Keywords: environment; ecology; economy; energy; peak oil; food; population; crisis; collapse; disease; risk
Downloads: 5
[audio]The Center Sees the Edge: Methane, Science and Future Food - Alex Smith
A study funded by a founder of fracking finds the natural gas industry is still bleeding tons of methane into our atmosphere.  The top body for American Scientists warns we must act now to prevent climate catastrophe.  And an international team confirms the world food supply will be hit hard in a changing climate. Radio Ecoshock 140326 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; food; agriculture; methane; gas; energy; science
Downloads: 3
[audio]Climate Dark Age - Alex Smith
Dr. Michael Jennings says Earth's climate is already beyond the worst scenarios. Could a new Dark Age save us? Dr. Sing C. Chew says we are due. Edutainment for troubled times.  Radio Ecoshock 140319 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; ecology; economy; collapse
Downloads: 21
[audio]American Fukushima - Alex Smith
On 3rd anniversary of Fukushima, two authors report American reactors are unsafe at any speed.  Shocking risk. Plus audio from March 2 XL Pipeline dissent protest in D.C. & letter from youth, via Bobby Wengronowitz.  Radio Ecoshock 140312 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; nuclear; nuclear power; reactors; safety; accidents; Fukushima; U.S; risk; climate; climate change; global warming; protests; arrests; activism
Downloads: 9
[audio]The California Drought: Radio Ecoshock Special - Alex Smith
Despite recent rains, California's reservoirs are near empty, snow-pack light, and groundwater depleted. Four experts on a drought that really started in 2006, impacts on economy, food, farming, and nature. Guests Dr. Peter Gleick, Dr. Jay Famiglietti, David Schroeder, Dr. Reagan Waskom.  Radio Ecoshock 140305 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; ecology; drought; California; weather; climate; climate change; global warming; agriculture; farming; food; water; economy; adaptation; conservation
Downloads: 23
[audio]Climate: Ready to Scramble Toward the Poles? - Alex Smith
Author of "American Exodus" Giles Slade sees humans joining plants & animals in migration toward Poles. Paul Beckwith on alarming new Arctic melt science from NASA. Dr. Nathan Beckwith on gas leaks in Boston and Washington D.C. Radio Ecoshock 140226 1 hour http://www.ecoshock.org
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; Arctic; sea; ice; migration; refugees; science; energy; gas; leaks; methane
Downloads: 10
[audio]Extreme Weather & Great Climate Disruption - Alex Smith
Alex covers extreme weather of the great climate disruption that will rule our lives.  Then author/activist Deborah Frieze on book & movement to "Walk Out, Walk On", and Dr. Jochen Hinkel on huge cost of rising seas. Radio Ecoshock 140219 1 hour http://www.ecoshock.org/
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; extreme; weather; heat; rain; science; solutions; alternative
Downloads: 9
[audio]Voices in the Fog: Climate & Extreme Weather - Alex Smith
Thomas Peterson from World Meteorological Assoc. and NOAA on science of extreme weather events hitting us. Jonathan Bates, co-author of "Paradise Lot" on permaculture on a small lot in New England.  Radio Ecoshock 140212 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; extreme; weather; rainfall; permaculture; food; agriculture; alternatives
[audio]Crash on Demand - David Holmgren - Alex Smith
Do we need to break the system to save the climate? Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren says "yes", in rare radio interview. Then Nicole Foss replies. Plus Alex's climate music.  Radio Ecoshock 140205 http://www.ecoshock.org/
Keywords: environment; economy; climate; climate change; global warming; emissions; permaculture; energy; descent
Downloads: 39
[audio]What Kind of Doomer Are You - Alex Smith
From The Farm in Tennessee, alternative guru Albert Bates rates responses to predictions of doom. Film-maker Anne Macksoud on new movie "The Wisdom to Survive" Plus musical activist Rachelle Van Zanten Radio Ecoshock 140129 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; economy; crash; depression; climate; climate change; global warming; emissions; finance; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 9
[audio]Off the Cliff - Alex Smith
Extreme heat in Australia: vision of coming world, Cam Walker FOE. Extreme rains from atmospheric rivers, scientist David Lavers. Population bomb ticking with Alan Weisman, author of "Countdown, Our Last Best Hope for a Future". Radio Ecoshock 140122 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; extreme; rainfall; heat; Australia; UK; U.S; radio; population
Downloads: 21
[audio]Home Planet Blues - Alex Smith
Four voices: Steve Sherwood's breakthrough science shows world heading over climate cliff; Arnie Gundersen on fake alarm over California beaches; Bruce Laurie on toxic chemicals and detox; energy expert Daniel Kammen says suburbs killing climate. Radio Ecoshock 140115 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; nuclear; accidents; Fukushima; California; toxics; toxic; chemicals; health; risk; energy; cities; urban; design
Downloads: 39
[audio]The Awful Truth About Fracking - Alex Smith
True stories from Walter Brasch, author of"Fracking Pennsylvania". An update from Friends of Earth UK campaigner Helen Rimmer as government makes new "dash for (fracked) gas". With clips from American biologist/activist Sandra Steingraber. Radio Ecoshock 140108 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; energy; oil; gas; fracking; hydraulic fracturing; risks; health; impacts
Downloads: 860
[audio]The Awful Truth About Fracking - Alex Smith
Author, professor, and journalist Walter Brasch reports from Pennsylvania. UK energy activist Helen Rimmer explains the rabid government push for fracking, and the coming wave of misery for Great Britain.  We open and close with fracking wisdom from American biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber.
Keywords: environment; energy; gas; fracking; hydraulic fracturing; U.S; UK; Europe; protests; activism; safety; risks; pollution; health
Downloads: 15
[audio]More Nuclear Scandals - Alex Smith
American NRC rushing through scheme for radioactive waste against public protest. Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear is there. Britain builds huge stockpile of plutonium with no plan - plus terrorist risks.
Keywords: environment; ecology; nuclear; power; waste; plutonium; uranium; risk; plans; U.S; UK; NRC; storage
Downloads: 11
[audio]Radio Ecoshock Green Music Festival 2013 - Alex Smith
The best green music for 2013.  Songs about climate change, pollution, radiation, and better alternatives.  By alternative artists, not the big production companies. Playlist in show blog at http://www.ecoshock.info/
Keywords: environment; music; songs; global warming; climate; climate change; pollution; nuclear; radiation; green; songs
Downloads: 4
[audio]Why Is The Weather So Crazy? - Alex Smith
Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains weather distortion & spurt of Arctic methane. NOAA's Dr. Richard Feely on threat of ocean acidification. Radio Ecoshock 131218 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; weather; Arctic; Jet Stream; ice; science; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 21
[audio]Ugly Times for Ugly Mines - Alex Smith
Brief update on Fukushima plans to flood Pacific with radiation. Then Gerri Williams interviews activists fighting foreign-owned plan to pollute pristine N. Minnesota - a case study for struggles all over the world. Radio Ecoshock 131211 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; nuclear; reactor; accidents; Fukushima; Japan; radioactive; waste; water; ocean; dumping; mining; pollution
Downloads: 26
[audio]You Haven't Been Told the Truth About Global Warming - Alex Smith
Official figures greatly underestimate global heating. Robert Way explains groundbreaking new paper. The EPA likewise low-balled methane emissions in the U.S. by half.  Harvard's Scot Miller on new science. UK photojournalist Robert Leslie on "Stormbelt" - the decline of the southern states. Radio Ecoshock 131204
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; methane; heat; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 15
[audio]Dirty Activism - Alex Smith
Soil activist Nance Klehm on "dirty activism" - reclaiming a city waste stream to make new gardens.  Why is it illegal? Plus: Fukushima update from Alex & stimulating new green music. Radio Ecoshock 1311201 hour http://www.ecoshock.org/
Keywords: environment; ecology; permaculture; soil; activism; Fukushima; nuclear; reactor; accidents; Japan; green; music; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 17
[audio]Shopping the Planet to Death - Alex Smith
Growthbusters producer Dave Gardner on municipal growth Ponzi schemes. Plus hot green "sermon": direct action vs consumer stupor - by Reverend Billy Talens of the Church of Stop Shopping. Radio Ecoshock 131113 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; activism; consumers; shopping; climate; climate change; global warming; rights; protests; growth; ecology
Downloads: 20
[audio]Is This Peak History? - Alex Smith
Peak oil? A joint study between the University of Maryland and a Barcelona University digs deep into our energy future.  From Berlin, guest Christian Kerschner. Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV interviews Alex Smith. Radio Ecoshock 131106
Keywords: environment; climate; peak oil; energy; media; green
Downloads: 20
[audio]Desperately Seeking Solutions - Alex Smith
A medley of ways.  From New Zealand, green alternative economy w. Laurence Boomert. Dr. Sharon Gourdji, U of Fla. on crops & climate. Josh Fox (Gasland) riff on fracking. Pacific growing expert Lorene Edwards Forkner.  Radio Ecoshock 131030 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; food; agriculture; climate; climate change; global warming; science; economy; alternatives; localization; currency; solutions; fracking; pollution; Nicaragua; Central America
Downloads: 20
[audio]Climate Catastrophe Past & Future - Alex Smith
Dr. Peter Ward, author of 14 books, specializes in the 4 past extinctions from global warming:  rising seas will change everything.  Dr. Morgan Schaller of Rutgers on sudden heating 55 million years ago: Earth warmed 5 degrees C. in 13 years.  Could it happen again? Plus Stephanie Goodwin of Greenpeace, the "Arctic 30" protesters held for months in a Russian prison.  Radio Ecoshock 131023 1 hour. 
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; mass extinction; rising seas; science; activism; protests; Arctic; drilling; oil; energy; Russia; arrests; human rights; Greenpeace; radio; Radio Ecoshock; ecology
Downloads: 22
[audio]I Have A Confession To Make - Alex Smith
Emerging threats analyst and author Robert Marston Fanney on new frontiers of climate change. Dr. Alex Rogers of Oxford: State of the Oceans 2013. Radio Ecoshock 131016 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; oceans; acidification; methane; crisis
Downloads: 29
[audio]Carry on Through the Crash - Alex Smith
Economy and energy blogger Nicole Foss from The Automatic Earth; J.B. MacKinnon co-author of the 100-Mile diet: what nature was, is now, and will be. South Dakota youth organizer Jenna Grey Eagle looks for a Power Shift. Radio Ecoshock 131009 1 hour
Keywords: environment; economy
Downloads: 19
[audio]Power Down or Power Shift - Alex Smith
Did fracking kill off Peak Oil? Energy guru Richard heinberg on new book "Snake oil, How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future." Plus young activists headed to Powershift 2013 Radio Ecoshock 131002 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; activism; fracking; hydraulic fracturing; energy; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 14
[audio]Extreme Rain & Climate Collapse - Alex Smith
The biggest climate-driven extreme weather event since Katrina - Boulder's Carolyn Baker reports on fracking leaks, climate, economic hit. Plus Calif. songwriter Dan Imhoff on new album "Agraria". Radio Ecoshock 130925 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; extreme; rain; floods; Colorado; Boulder; agriculture; farm; animal; rights; music; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 19
[audio]Can We Escape? - Alex Smith
From U. of Arizona, Gary Nabhan growing in hotter drier times. Ecoshock correspondent Gerri Williams on getting out of town. From Boulder, Carolyn Baker on the flash floods. Radio Ecoshock 130918 1 hour. Plus Voices for Climate Change from Jamaica.l
Keywords: environment; global warming; climate change; climate; radio; floods; Colorado; food; heat; growing; agriculture; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 20
[audio]Where Are We Really? - Alex Smith
Analysis of climate situation by Paul Beckwith, U of Ottawa. Plus Arnie Gundersen updates Fukushima leaks and radioactive plume in the Pacific, heading for the U.S. Radio Ecoshock 130911 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; nuclear; power; reactors; accidents; Fukushima; radiation; Pacific; climate; climate change; global warming; storms; heat
Downloads: 47
[audio]Fukushima leaking radiation into Pacific - Alex Smith
New revelations on leaks from Fukushima reactors into the Pacific. When will rad water reach U.S. West Coast? Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds.com, nuclear expert explains. From Radio Ecoshock 130911 24 minutes.
Keywords: nuclear; reactors; accidents; Fukushima; Japan; Gundersen; radio; Radio Ecoshock; atomic; ocean; Pacific
Downloads: 2,124
[audio]Global Heat Emergency Podcast - Alex Smith
Alex Smith describes a global heat wave almost spanning the entire northern hemisphere.  Summer 2013 as the beginning of the "long emergency" of climate change. With an appeal for support as Radio Ecoshock grows, and shocking news warnings of catastrophe from James Hansen.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; radio; Radio Ecoshock; heat; wave; weather; global
Downloads: 2,934
[audio]Rising Heat, Rising Seas - Alex Smith
State of climate science notes (Richard Alley); feature on rising seas - Francesca Rheannon of "Writer's Voice" interviews Brian Fagan, author of "The Attacking Ocean." Plus  Alison Martin from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy on endangered farm animals. Radio Ecoshock 130717 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; ocean; rising; seas; agriculture; animals; species; endangered; science; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 274
[audio]In These Latter Days - Alex Smith
Leave fossil fuels in the ground or roast. But how? Carbon expert Mike Berners-Lee interviewed on his new book "The Burning Question. We Can't Burn Half the World's Oil, Coal and Gas. So How Do We Quit? Guest host Greg Moffitt of legalise-freedom.com Radio Ecoshock 131007 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; energy; oil; coal; gas; emissions
Downloads: 323
[audio]Preparing Personal Solutions - Alex Smith
Are your clothes safe? Alina Bartell, owner of The Natural Clothing Company advises on fabrics, chemicals, and organic clothes. Dr. Joe Alton, MD on learning emergency medicine "when help doesn't come". Woody Tasch helps develop local food with "slow money". Radio Ecoshock 130703 1 hour
Keywords: environment; health; medicine; clothing; safety; organic; money; slow; agriculture; alternative; emergency; crisis; preparedness; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 160
[audio]Start Something to Live For - Alex Smith
American author of Aquaponic Gardening Sylvia Bernstein on union of fish and veggies. Publisher of Mother Earth News Bryan Welch's optimism of non-partisan activism. Canada's oil capital shut down by climate change. Radio Ecoshock 130626 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; food; aquaponic; gardening; fish; hydroponic; media; magazines; alternative; energy; oil; Tar Sands; floods; extreme; rainfall; climate; climate change; global warming
Downloads: 195
[audio]Growing the Life You Want To Live - Alex Smith
From the Mother Earth News Fair, we hear about life on the "Farmstead." Lisa Kivirist turning your dreams of small scale food into a living in Wisconsin. Lisa has tips for us all.  Then we go solar with author & speaker Dan Chiras, & solar electrician Brad Burkhartzmeyer.  Radio Ecoshock 130619 1 hour Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; organic; farming; gardening; solar; energy; power; alternative; food; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 199
[audio]Civilization: Change It or Leave It - Alex Smith
Can we return to the primitive? Miles Olson on personal rewilding. Asoka Bandarage on "middle way" out of collapse. Organic grow and cook w. Barbara Damrosch of Four Season Farm.  Radio Ecoshock 130612 1 hour  Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; agriculture; food; production; developing; world; civilization; rewilding; show; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 253
[audio]Will Humans Go Extinct Soon? - Alex Smith
Investigating claims of near-term extinction for humans. Clips from Guy McPherson, John D. Cox, Dr. David Archer. Interview w. John Michael Greer.  Analysis of predictions by Malcolm Light of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG). Radio Ecoshock 130605 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; Arctic; ice; methane; emergency; geoengineering; solutions; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 374
[audio]Wild Humans (doing wild things) - Alex Smith
National Geographic reporter Scott Wallace on trips to deep Amazon for his book "The Unconquered". How oil, gold, and illegal logging chase the last un-contacted tribes. Plus reports on Canadian Boreal failure, serial climate hacker Russ George, and shaping Nature in the city.  Radio Ecoshock 130529 1 hour Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; aboriginals; South America; Amazon; rainforest; oil; gold; logging; tropical timber; climate; climate change; global warming; geoengineering; urban; design; Boreal; forest; Canada
Downloads: 185
[audio]Who will control the world's climate? - Alex Smith
Australian author Clive Hamilton on geoengineering & his new book "Earthmasters". Plots by big oil, Bill Gates & nuke scientists. Shocking new science shows Arctic could melt at current carbon levels, courtesy frontierscienits.com Plus world-wide growth of bike sharing with Janet Larsen.  Radio Ecoshock 130522 Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; global warming; climate; climate change; geoengineering; solutions; Arctic; science; Greenland; Russia; Siberia; transportation; alternatives; bicycles; biking; sharing
Downloads: 223
[audio]Unburnable: Risky Fossil Fuel Investments Vs. Climate Crisis - Alex Smith
Could climate change bring us the next financial crisis?  Yes, say2 new reports.  From London, Bob Ward, LSE lead author of "Unburnable: Carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets." From Australia's Climate Institute, John Connor on coal's risky future.  Plus Nancy LaPlaca: why does sunny Arizona burn so much coal? Radio Ecoshock 130515 1 hour
Keywords: environment; energy; climate; climate change; global warming; oil; coal; gas; financial; investments; risk; radio; Radio Ecoshock solar alternative energy UK; USA; Australia
Downloads: 188
[audio]Fracking Wastes Land, Water, and Lives - Alex Smith
The Bakken shale lands as new sacrifice zone for polluting oil & gas extraction. Four voices from Colorado, Wyoming, Montana & North Dakota on dark side of the fracking boom.  Radio Ecoshock 130508 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; energy; oil; shale; gas; Bakken; fracking; hydraulic fracturing; U.S; West; Colorado; Wyoming; Montana; North Dakota; agriculture; pollution; water; health
Downloads: 179
[audio]The Age of Fire - Alex Smith
The new age of super fires in N. America, Europe, Australia, Asia. Silviculturalist John Betts explains strange unstoppable forest fires. Then Nicole Rycroft, Exec Dir of enviro group "Canopy".   Why they quit talks with industry, as logging ravages the Canadian Boreal forest. Plus MD Donald B. Louria says loss of faith in the future can kill. Radio Ecoshock 130501 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; forests; logging; Boreal; fires; climate; climate change; global warming; future; risks; radio; Radio Ecoshock; activism
Downloads: 190
[audio]Burying the Future: Tars Sands, Pipelines, & Melting Arctic - Alex Smith
Canadian scientist Paul Beckwith explains how the Arctic warming emergency is changing your weather.  But first, the story of an anti-pipeline media warrior, John Bolenbaugh in his own words. The leaks, scandals and deaths behind Tar Sands pipelines. Radio Ecoshock 130424 1 hour.  Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; Arctic; sea; ice; weather; drought; storms; oil; tar sands; oil sands; pipelines; U.S; Canada; protests; energy; politics; science
Downloads: 147
[audio]Coping with Climate Despair and Dehydrating Food - Alex Smith
How to cope with climate despair.  UK psychotherapist & co-founder of Carbon Conversations, Rosemary Randall.  Then a practical alternative to industrial food: learn to dehydrate in season with traditional cooking expert Wardeh Harmon.  Radio Ecoshock 130417 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; psychology; solutions; food; dehydration; storage; survival; cooking; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 180
[audio]Green Seas, Good Food, Bad Numbers - Alex Smith
Serial climate hacker Russ George's office raided by Canadian government. Nick Saul takes food banks to a whole new level - feeding citizens during tough times. UC Berkeley political scientist Dr. Martha Campbell - how economists & women's advocates helped enable the next population explosion.  Radio Ecoshock 130410 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; food; charity; population; ocean; ocean dumping; geoengineering; radio; radio ecoshock
Downloads: 153
[audio]Green Medly: Climate, Population, Off-Grid - Alex Smith
American scientist Virginia Burkett: violent weather threats to coastal energy. Activist Dave Foreman on population & immigration. Sheri Koones "Prefabulous & Almost Off-Grid" green building. Radio Ecoshock 1304031 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; storms; weather; oil; energy; population; immigration. green; building
Downloads: 168
[audio]From Growing Green to Fukushima - Alex Smith
Expert urban gardening tips from John Kohler, host of popular "Growing Your Greens" channel on You tube. Then speech by Dr. Helen Caldicott March 12, 2013 on medical and ecological consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.  Radio Ecoshock 130327 1 hour Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; green; food; urban; gardening; health; nuclear; nuclear power; reactors; Fukushima; Japan; accidents; impacts; medical; science; radiation; atomic
Downloads: 152
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